After arterial cannula double time screw CT scanning appraisal caput pancreatis cancer's resectability
 Nov 29, 2013|View:1048

Uses after the arterial cannula double time screw CT scanning method, carries on the appraisal to the caput pancreatis cancer's resectability. Method: Passes by the arterial cannula after 18 example caput pancreatis cancer the double time screw CT enhancement scanning, the artery time trace time is 10s, portal vein time 50s, scanning velocity 2.5ml/s, the contrast medium for Europe is the parker 300 or superior Uygur obviously 30030ml, dilutes with 0.9% physiological saline to 100ml, pours into the contrast medium through the indwelling catheter on the mesentery the artery. The scan result and carries on the contrast after the vein double time scanning. Finally: 18 example caput pancreatis cancer, the feasible permanent control excises 3 examples, cannot permanently cure excises 15 examples. Regarding 3 example feasible permanent control excision, two methods have made the correct judgment, 15 examples could not the radical operation make the correct judgment after the arterial cannula double time screw CT scanning, but has judged 12 examples correctly only after the vein double time scanning

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