The arterial cannula causes the point of puncture partial skin fester reason analysis and the prevention
 Jan 28, 2014|View:1054

Five example point of puncture partial skin fester occurs which on the arterial cannula chemotherapy in carries on the reason analysis, proposes the preventive measure and the method of treatment. Analysis reason: Two example partial hypodermic purple plagues, three examples fester partially, is the primary tumor, treats after the arterial cannula radiography diagnosis next ultra selective blood vessel embolism. After analysis: 1. partial organization oppression time is excessively long, the pressure is excessively tight, causes the partial blood circulation to be blocked, the organization lacks the blood to cause necrosis. when 2. cuppings, in the lumen the few residual chemotherapy solution leaks into hypodermic, passes through the compression wrap after again, causes its zhu to remain in partial, the stimulation organization causes the aseptic necrosis.

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