• Coronary Artery Ostial Cannula

Coronary Artery Ostial Cannula

Coronary artery ostial cannula has a basket tip with high-flow;

There are two kinds of coronary artery ostial cannulas with 90° and 45° tip.


1. coronary artery ostial cannula have a basket tip with high-flow
2. With 90° and 45° tip

3.All coronary artery ostial cannulas have female luer connection site.

Model No.: KX0307-1 KX0307-2
Sizes of coronary artery ostial cannula:10FR 12FR

Why choose us?

Kangxin Medical is a coronary ostial cannula manufacturer from China.We have rich experience in producing and selling coronary artery ostial cannula. At present, our coronary artery ostial cannula has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP and other certificates, and the coronary artery ostial cannula has also obtained CE certification. As the coronary ostial cannula manufacturer, we carefully monitor every production process of coronary artery ostial cannula to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products.If you need to purchase our coronary artery ostial cannula in large quantities, coronary artery ostial cannula can be wholesale, and the price is cheaper, and the quality is also guaranteed!

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