How to operate femoral arterial cannulae
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Femoral arterial cannulae is used to collect arterial blood for testing, transfuse blood through femoral artery or catheterization for interventional treatment. Attention should be paid to the selection of the intubation point, the angle of needle insertion and post intubation care. How should femoral arterial cannulae be performed? Here's a detailed introduction!

Intubation point: the patient is supine during intubation, and the lower limbs are slightly abduction and external rotation. The place 2-3 cm below the middle 1/3 junction in the inguinal ligament, that is, the place where the femoral pulse is most obvious, serves as the intubation point;

Femoral arterial cannulae

Angle of intubation: skin disinfection and local infiltration anesthesia during intubation. The performer stands on one side of the patient, touches the pulsation of the blood vessel with his index finger or middle finger, and the other holds a syringe or puncture needle connected to the needle, which penetrates into the femoral artery against the direction of blood flow at an angle of 30 ° - 40 ° with the skin. If there is blood gushing out, it slowly enters 0.3-0.5cm to prevent it from escaping;

Nursing after intubation: After intubation, apply sterile dressing on the back cover, immediately compress the local area for 5-10min, prevent hematoma formation, and fix it with adhesive tape.

The above are some introductions about the operation steps of femoral arterial cannulae. Kangxin Medical is a femoral arterial cannulae manufacturer from chiuna. We have many years of experience in producing and selling femoral arterial cannulae. At present, we can produce various types of femoral arterial cannulae. If necessary, welcome to consult us!

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