What is the role of arterial cannulae
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Arterial cannulae is a surgical instrument used to create a bypass opening in the aortic cavity during cardiovascular surgery. It has flexible elbow resistance and soft plastic tips. Some arterial cannulaes have built-in probes and occluders, which can reduce the invasive implantation process. Another type of arterial cannulae has three lumens or tunnel like openings to simultaneously inject blood into the heart at three locations. So what is the role of arterial cannulae? Now let's give you a detailed introduction!

Arterial cannulae can be used for coronary artery bypass grafting, which can make patients with arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis survive longer. Most surgeons prefer to obtain a suitable saphenous vein from a patient and then transplant it into a narrow artery. In some cases, when there is no suitable vein graft, an arterial cannula will be implanted.

Arterial cannulae

A procedure for implanting an arterial cannulae is called ascending aortic dissection. It is reversible during an operation called "no ball error". There may not be any large calcification at the arterial intubation site.

At the beginning of the intubation process, an opening is formed, and the arterial cannulae is inserted into the opening and points to the aortic arch. The surgical guide wire is then inserted through a catheter and pushed into the aorta. The next step is to remove the tubing.

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