What are the precautions for venous cannulae
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Venous cannulae is a commonly used treatment method in clinical work. Clinical inpatients need to conduct infusion every day. In order to reduce the pain caused by patients' daily venipuncture, an indwelling needle can be embedded in the vein, which can avoid patients' multiple punctures every day, thus leading to smooth intravenous infusion. So what should we pay attention to when we conduct venous cannulae? To solve this problem, let's introduce it in detail!

Pay attention to the following problems during venous cannulae:

1、In the process of intubation, we must pay attention to thorough disinfection to avoid carrying bacteria, which may cause serious complications such as catheter bacterial infection after intubation;

venous cannulae

2、In the process of catheterization and puncture, the specific location of the puncture vessel must be determined to avoid the failure of puncture and the appearance of massive hemorrhage and hematoma after inserting the catheter into the artery;

3、After the intubation is completed, the blood must be drawn back to confirm whether the intubation is unobstructed, to avoid distortion and discounting of the front end of the intubation, which may prevent normal infusion;

4、Patients with indwelling venous catheters need to change the dressing every day. At the same time, after the completion of infusion, they should be sealed and flushed to avoid the formation of local thrombus.

The above are some introductions about the precautions for venous cannulae. Kangxin Medical is a manufacturer of venous cannulae, and we have rich experience in the production of venous cannulae. At present, our venous cannulae include straight tip venous cannulae, angled tip venous cannulae and two stage venous cannulae. If necessary, welcome to consult!

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