What is venous cannulae
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The venous cannula is a hollow tube that can be passed through the vein by a doctor or nurse to provide a way to inject drugs and liquids directly into the blood. The catheter is usually placed on the hand, arm or leg. Sometimes, they touch an internal or external jugular vein in the neck, or a vein under the cervical spine or chest. Some catheters are permanent and remain under the skin, while others can be seen from the skin and usually remain for a fixed period of time.

In order to place the venous cannula, the doctor or nurse will clean the skin around the area where the cannula will be placed and puncture the skin to enter the vein. He or she then penetrates the venous cannula into the vein and connects it to a flexible tube that usually leads to a bag filled with liquid or medicine. The process of catheter placement is usually relatively painless. Once the catheter is placed in place, most patients will not feel pain or discomfort.

venous cannula

The venous cannula will stimulate the inside of the vein and cause thrombus. When the catheter is located on the arm, hand or leg, these venous cannulas are usually small and harmless, and this situation usually resolves itself. Sometimes the intravenous indwelling needle may completely puncture the vein and cause internal bleeding, which is called hematoma. The skin around the injection site will appear bruise or lump. Most haematomas will disappear within a few days without treatment.

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