What are the characteristics of radial artery compression devices
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The radial artery compression device is mainly composed of adjusting screw, fixing plate, pressure plate, air bag, soft cushion, fixing belt, fixing belt, and fixing belt, etc. The radial artery compression device has a good hemostatic effect on the radial artery compression, which not only ensures the smooth blood flow of the radial artery, but also avoids the compression of the ulnar artery and vein, with high safety and improved the use efficiency. What are the characteristics of radial artery compression device? Let's give you a detailed introduction!

The radial artery compression device has the following characteristics:

1、It effectively solves the complicated and unsafe original hemostasis method of radial artery compression hemostasis.

2、The pressure of the compression hemostatic pad is adjusted by the screw, and the pressure of the pressure plate can be adjusted slightly (the pressure can be increased or decreased depending on the situation).

radial artery compression device

3、The transparent design can facilitate the medical staff to observe the bleeding at the artery puncture point.

4、Single-sided suspended stent design can effectively avoid obstruction of venous reflux.

5、The soft air bag compresses the blood vessels, reducing the discomfort of patients.

The above is some introduction about the characteristics of radial artery compression device. Kangxin Medical is a radial artery compression device manufacturer from china. We have rich experience in producing and selling radial artery compression device. At present, the radial artery compression device produced by us is not only of good quality but also of relatively low price. If you need it, welcome to consult!

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