How to use soft wound retractor
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Soft wound retractor is a manually operated, self-locking instrument, which is used to temporarily separate tissues or other anatomical structures and expose internal tissues or organs that are close to each other during the operation. The retractor for soft wound is mainly composed of a retractor ring and a retractor hook. The soft wound retractor can be quickly, safely and accurately placed in the surgical position. Thus, the pain of patients is relieved. So how to use the soft wound retractor? Now let the manufacturer of soft wound retractor give you a detailed introduction!

The soft wound retractor can be used according to the following steps:

1、Place a pull ring around the incision, place a retaining hook in the tissue, and tighten the retaining hook to the corresponding quadrant. The ring groove is convenient for placing the hook line and balancing the tension.

soft wound retractor

2、The retaining hook can be repositioned as required, and a new pull hook can be added, and the pulling system can be balanced in any direction.

3、Place and tension the suture along the incision axis to accurately locate the seam and suture position.

These are some introductions on how to use soft wound retractors. Kangxin Medical is a soft wound retractor manufacturer from china. We have many years of experience in producing and selling soft wound retractors. At present, the soft wound retractor we produce is not only of good quality but also lower in price than the peers. If you need it, please come to consult!

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