Soft wound retractor tell you the advantages of soft wound retractor
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The soft wound retractor consists of an internal snap ring, an external snap ring and an elastic channel, and is mainly made of polyurethane TPU granules. The soft wound retractor protects the incision from injury and reduces wound infection. The soft wound retractor is suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision surgery. Why do soft wound retractors need to be used in surgery? This is because soft wound retractors have many advantages. Now let Kangxin Medical, the soft wound retractor supplier introduce the advantages of soft wound retractors to you in detail!

The soft wound retractor has the following advantages:

1.The soft wound retractor is simple to operate and convenient to use: when using the soft wound retractor, there is no need to pull the incision with a metal hook, nor need to sew gauze, which saves time and effort.

soft wound retractor

2.When using soft wound retractor, the incision can be pulled 360 ° to expand the surgical field of vision.

3.The soft wound retractor can protect the incision 360 ° and reduce postoperative infection.

4.Using soft wound retractor can also save operation time, reduce intraoperative bleeding and postoperative drainage.

soft wound retractor

Kangxin Medical is a soft wound retractor supplier from china. We have rich experience in producing and selling soft wound retractors. At present, we can provide soft wound retractors of different sizes, and these soft wound retractors can be wholesale. The wholesale price is lower and the quality is guaranteed. If you need, please contact us!

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