What are the steps of pediatric femoral venous cannulae
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The pediatric femoral venous cannulae, whether left or right, is a common puncture site. Its advantages are: low technical requirements for femoral vein cannula and low incidence of fatal complications. Since there are so many advantages of femoral vein cannula in children, how to conduct pediatric femoral venous cannulae? For this problem, let's introduce it in detail!

The steps of pediatric femoral venous cannulae are as follows:

1、Change the diaper and wash the baby's buttocks and perineum.

2、The child should take the supine position, take off one side of the trouser leg, pad up the groin on the puncture side, and cover the perineum with diapers to prevent the urine of the child from polluting the puncture site.

3、The two legs of the child were placed in a frog leg position, and the assistant restrained the child's trunk and upper limbs with two hands and forearms respectively.

pediatric femoral venous cannulae

4、The puncture site and the left index finger of the operator were routinely disinfected. At the junction of the middle 1/3 and the outer 1/3 of the groin, touch the pulsation point of the femoral artery with the left index finger, insert the syringe vertically from the inner side of the pulsation point of the femoral artery with the right hand, then gradually lift the needle upward and draw at the same time. When there is blood return, immediately stop lifting the needle, fix it and draw enough blood.

5、Pull out the needle, press the part with cotton ball for about 3min, and then fix it with adhesive tape.

These are some steps about how to conduct pediatric femoral venous cannulae. Kangxin Medical is a manufacturer of pediatric femoral venous cannulae. We have rich experience in producing and selling pediatric femoral venous cannulae. At present, the pediatric femoral venous cannulae produced by us is not only of good quality but also of relatively low price. If there is any need, welcome to consult!

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