Precautions for use of arterial cannulae
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The radial artery is usually used for puncture of arterial cannulae, which is applicable to all kinds of critical patients and some complicated major operations, as well as patients who cannot perform non-invasive pressure measurement. The main purpose of arterial cannulae is to directly measure arterial blood pressure. There are many aspects to be paid attention to when using the arterial cannulae. The following is a detailed introduction to the precautions for using the lower arterial cannulae.

When using arterial cannulae, the following aspects need to be focused:

1、Strict aseptic operation to prevent infection.

2、The puncture point of arterial cannulae should be the most obvious place of arterial pulsation.

3、After pulling out the needle, use gauze or cotton ball to compress and stop the bleeding locally for a long time. If the bleeding continues after compression, it is necessary to compress and bandage until the bleeding is completely stopped to prevent the formation of hematoma.

arterial cannulae

4、The arterial cannulae should not be used for more than 4 days to prevent catheter infection.

5、The place where the arterial cannulae is placed should be disinfected and the dressing should be changed once a day to prevent infection. Once local redness, swelling and pain are found, the arterial cannula should be removed immediately.

The above is some introduction to the precautions for the use of arterial cannulae. Kangxin Medical is a manufacturer of arterial cannulae. We have many years of experience in producing arterial cannulae. At present, our arterial cannulae has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Welcome to consult if necessary!

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